Next Career is
an Executive Search
and recruitment
We are the Executive Search of Karir.com.
Established in 2015, with consultants that
already has extensive experiences in HR
and Executive search with various

We recruit the best
who suit your culture.
We are recruiting the best and suitable
talent for our clients. ( Best: candidates
with capability to do the job; Suitable:
candidates that fit well with company’s

We always put ourself as consultant
means we will give more informations
with our findings in market and try to
share it professionaly to give more value
into recruitment process.
Being consultant
is what defines us.
We understand our clients with three dimentional approach:
  • Understanding the vacant positions role/job description in details.
  • Understanding the company’s culture and values that the company holds firm. It’s as important as the skill needed in one role.
  • Understanding user’s leadership and expectations towards talent.
is our secret weapon.
In fact, we take a pride in
understanding your needs, values,
and expectations.

About our team

Our squad consists of extensively experienced consultants in human resources and executive search.

Dino Martin
Chief Executive Officer

After taking over karir.com in late 2014, Dino transformed the company to a total recruitment solution for the market by introducing Next Career. He brings with him over 18 years of experience in various industries; FMCG, telecommunications, and automotive. His last 5 years of experience was in the recruitment industry where he sets up BRecruit Indonesia. He has a strong background in business development, finance and sales and marketing. Previously,he was the Vice President, Sales and Marketing of BMW, Marketing Manager of L'Oreal, and Brand Manager of Ericsson.

Viany Tania
Head of Next Career

Viany is an agresive recruiter with more than 5 year experiences in executive search industry. Most of her clients are in Manufacturing, Chemical, Retail, IT, Logistic, FMCG, Media etc. With her passion in recruitment and goals to share a great opportunity for talentedtalents, she leads the Next Career to become all-around recruitment agency.

Team Leader

Frista is a resourcefull recruiter with psychology as her major in education. She brings her experiences in handling mid to senior level position for diverse industries, such as: Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Dot.com, Media, etc. With her experiences, her current objective is to give not only a qualified talents but also the one who suitable to work with the clients.

Putri Setyorini
Team Leader

Putri is a versatile recruiter with an extensive experience in recruitment industry. She specializes in several industries such as FMCG, Financial Institution, Logistics and Services. Starting her career as Researcher 6 years ago, Putri learns the ins and outs of recruitment from basic. Now, as Team Leader in Next Career, her goal is to deliver qualified talents in the market and helps you find your next career.

Novie Harijono
Team Leader

Novie is a sharp recruiter with more than 6 years experiences in recruitment industry both in consultant and corporate sides. She is specialized in Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Logistic, IT, Manufacture, etc. With goals to bring best talent in the market to clients, she is currently become one of the Team Leader in Next Career.

Anindita Trisniati
Recruitment Consultant

Dita is an enthusiastic recruiter with passion in recruitment business. With more than 2.5 years experiences in executive search and background in psychology, she is determined to assist clients and fullfill their vacants needs. She is specialized in Consumer Goods, Retail, Manufacturing, etc

Nur Andaini
Recruitment Consultant

Andaini is a strong-willed recruiter with more than 5 years experiences in headhunting industry. She specializes in Manufacture and Industrial. She is persistent when it comes to close an assignment and maintain relationship to both clients and candidates. She brings her determination and focus as Recruitment Consultant in Next Career.

Team Leader – Surabaya

Efrani is a smart recruiter with deep knowledge in job analysis, her passion in selection process, and her understanding of what client wants. She has more than 7 years experiences in recruitment industry both in consultant and corporate sides. She is specialized in Manufacture, Industrial, Banking and FMCG. With a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, she wants to deliver right person in right place at the right time for client and talent.

Recruitment Consultant – Surabaya

Farida is a passionate recruiter with experiences in handling middle to senior level positions. She is specialized in Manufacturing and Industrial companies. With her experiences in executive search industry and her Master Degree in Psychology, she has added her value to be professional recruiter. With her goals to search and assess the most qualified candidates to suit client’s need, she always brings the maximum effort to accomplish her tasks.

Recruitment Consultanta – Surabaya

Ima is an energetic recruiter with a Degree in Psychology. She has more than 2 years experiences in headhunting company and handling mid to senior level positions in several industries, such as manufacturing, FMCG, furniture, food and beverage and many more . Now, as Recruitment consultant in Next Career, her goal is assisting clients to meet their needs by providing the right person.

Aliffia Maharani
Recruitment Consultant

Aliffia is a sensible recruiter with Bachelor Degree in Law. She joined recruitment industry after graduation and find herself in love with the job. She is now has 2 years of experience in Executive Search specialize in Manufacturing, Industrial, Consumer Goods and Digital industry. She is always eager in sourcing the best talent to fulfill the client’s need. She is also highly committed when it comes to negotiation with both candidates and clients.

Romy Syalasa
Recruitment Consultant

Romy is a resilient recruiter with 3 years experience in Recruitment company. He specializes in IT, Media, Automotive, Manufacturing and FMCG industry. His Degree in International Relations helps him in delivering advice and message to candidates and clients. His goal is to help finding the right candidates to the right clients

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